My father moved from his home into an assisted living facility leaving a primary residence in Ocean City and a second residence in Salisbury vacant. Both homes were more than 35 years old and had not been significantly updated since being built. The Salisbury home had also not been lived in for over 15 years and was suffering the effects of being vacant for a very long time.

I engaged Space Redefined & Services to help with the disposition of personal belongings in both properties. Living in North Carolina, it was not possible for me to spend the incredible amount of time required to clean out both homes, dispose of personal property, and ready them for sale. I relied on Sharon to take the lead and she performed admirably.

Our approach in Salisbury was to clear out the furnishings and clutter (and there was a lot), and thoroughly clean the home from top to bottom. Sharon coordinated all of this and was in constant communication with me regarding how and where to dispose of furnishings, some of which were kept, some auctioned, many donated and quite a few disposed of outright.

The process worked very smoothly and the house was made ready for market in short order.” ~Steve Jones